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10 Benefits of Living in a Downtown Columbus Apartment

Making the life decision as to where you rest your head every night and live your life during the day can be a daunting task to say the least.  A final conclusion of this magnitude requires clear thought and concise evaluation.  To help with this decision here are 10 benefits of downtown Columbus apartment living.


The number one benefit of living in an apartment is the financial aspect of renting.  Rent is generally cheaper than a mortgage.  In addition to an overall lower monthly payment, other financial components such as upkeep and utilities are generally lower because of the smaller space and the overall responsibility of a landlord/owner versus a tenant. Plus the property managers at Flats on Vine, Arena Crossing, Flats II and Apartments at the Yard are incredible.


As discussed in the financial benefits, maintenance expenses are generally lower due to responsibility generally falling on landlord/owner.  Not only is the lack of maintenance worries a financial blessing, but it’s also a check off the “Things to Do” list.  When it snows, no need to shovel, when the lawn looks a little rugged, it’s not your concern – we will take care of that.  The peace of mind associated with the mental freedom of renting is priceless.


Unlike houses, apartment complexes are generally built with specific amenities such as pools, gyms and laundry facilities directly on the premises or at the least in very close proximity.  Although you could always have these elements built into your home, the financial obligation is not as rewarding.  Apartment living can prove to be a very convenient living arrangement, especially if you work downtown!


Although homeowners often invest in some form of home security system or another, apartment complexes also invest in the overall safety of its residents.  The close proximity of neighbors (in contrast to being the only one in a house at any given moment) and typical apartment complex safety measures prove that multi-unit dwellings are the safest locations for single women, children, families and the elderly.


Apartment proportions are, simply put, convenient.  A newly graduated Ohio State student is generally looking for a place to call home; a living room, bedroom, bathroom and maybe a kitchen for show.  This space does not have to be large and lavish, it just needs to feel safe and quaint (even for the guys).  This same basic need is apparent in most people, college kids, single women, bachelors and even friends who chose to live as roommates.


Other great benefits of apartment living are the social implications of the close proximity and connections one develops during their residency.  Although a sense of community exists in both rural and suburban areas, the close proximity of apartment life enhances the probability of creating life long connections.


Parallel to buying a home, apartment rentals make great short-term options.  Deciding to buy a home is a life long dream but you have to live somewhere while you prepare to make that dream come true.  Whether you are working on credit, saving money or mentally preparing for the responsibility of owning a home, an apartment is the best interim option.


The financial benefits discussed here are gateways to our future.  While we endure less burden and responsibility while renting, this is the opportune time to invest into your future.  By placing the money saved into a “rainy day” account, this can be the beginning of a brighter financial outlook.

Lower Responsibility

So far we have discussed money savings from rent, lack of need to maintain the property and, well, that’s it.  The lack of need to maintain property is not only a financial windfall but also a stress reliever.  Homeownership comes with a lot of headaches and issues and deciding to rent will help you avoid these types of setbacks.  Instead of using the “rainy day” fund to fix the boiler, it can be used for a much-needed vacation to a tropical island.


One of the best things about an apartment complex is the close proximity of anything you need. Living in the Arena District or Grandview Yard puts you within walking distance of Nationwide Arena home of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Huntington Park home of the Columbus Clippers, a variety of restaurants and bars as well as a few great concert venues!

Overall, apartments are perfect for anyone who wants a place to call home.  Considering the financial advantage of renting and the many underlying benefits that result, apartment rentals are a great choice for a great home.

Digfest festival will be first event at new park

Digfest festival will be first event at new park









Central Ohio loves it’s local breweries. Digfest is a major contributor in the introduction of these fine wines and craft brews. The love for the festival as well as the celebration of local liquors and brews has continued to grow in popularity, since it’s first festival in 2011.

We are excited for the 6th annual Digfest to be held in our very own Grandview Yard, at First Avenue Park this Saturday, June 11 from 4-10:30 pm. Residents of Grandview Yard and Grandview Heights look forward to the over 50 makers of craft beer, wine, liquors, and spirits that are involved in this years event. The event is getting bigger and better due to the Grandview and Arlington chamber merger. This will be the first event in which the new Tri-Village Chamber Partnership is presenting.

Entrance and parking for Digfest are free. Parking is available at the Grandview Yard parking garage behind LA Fitness, on the surface lot next to the garage, and in the garage next to the Hofbrauhaus. Drink tickets are $3 each, cash and credit cards are accepted. Samples cost one ticket with full pours at two tickets. The samples give brew connoisseurs a chance to give the beer a try before going for a full pour.
Digfest is a terrific event; even those who do not wish to partake in the sampling of brews can enjoy 15 food vendors, crafts, and live music in a festival setting. Featured music includes DJ Carlo, The High Definitions and Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons.
See the full article Here



Eddie George’s Grille 27- Kickoff weekend in Grandview Yard!

Eddie George’s Grille 27 has moved into Grandview Yard, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our new neighbor!

Eddie George's Grill 27, Drinks, Food, Burgers, Ohio State, Heisman Trophy, Grandview Yard

Our residents and football fans alike will enjoy the spirit of campus without having to leave the Yard! The new location has the same open concept but with some new additions including a horseshoe bar, 70 TV’s, and a giant projector! With the addition of the projector, it feels like your at the game!

Eddie George’s is named for Heisman Trophy winner and OSU graduate Eddie George, O-H! His namesake restaurant offers a scratch kitchen featuring a twist on classic American fare including fresh burgers, steaks, seafood, unique salads and appetizers. Even during the first week open in Grandview yard, the staff is operating as a well oiled machine. With a terrific wait staff in place, juicy burgers and delicious appetizers, we know you’ll have a winning experience!

Speaking of appetizers, did you know that if you join the Hall of Fame Club, you get a free appetizer just for signing up? Appetizers like Dynamite Shrimp, Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers, and a delicious mountain-high pile of nachos. Yum! See the full menu! Another perk for our residents of being a member of the Hall of Fame Club is frequent guest perks, you will earn a free meal after every 10th meal! Sign up for the Hall of fame club. So join us this weekend and kickoff our grand opening in Grandview Yard! We look forward to sharing a drink and a bite with you to celebrate our new neighbor Eddie George!

Eddie George's Grill 27, Drinks, Food, Burgers, Ohio State, Heisman Trophy, Grandview Yard


Brewmaster’s Dream – Interview with Gordon Beirsch Brew Master

The craft-brew gods have smiled down once again on us! Now through the end of the year residents of Arena Crossing, Flats on Vine and Flats II can enjoy locally brewed beer just steps away from their homes in downtown Columbus.

Recently Gordon Biersch corporate has allowed for individual beer brewers to get more creative with the beers they create at each location. Meet Gordon Biersch Columbus’s attending brewer – Keith.

Keith, what first made you fall in love with brewing beer?
The ability to create something that other people can enjoy has probably always been at the heart of my love of brewing. This job also brings something new at you almost everyday, so it stays interesting. My wife also really digs the fact that I am a brewer…happy wife, happy life.

What is your favorite beer?
That is always a hard question because I really love a lot of different styles of beer. When a brewer really gets a beer right, it makes me happy. But, if I had to pick only one style of beer to keep me happy for rest of my life, it would have to be American IPA.

Are their any wacky beers that you’ve tried to make?

What beer are you most excited about right now?
I just released the Northwest Red which is a beer I have been tweaking for a few years and I am really enjoying that right now, it is big on American hops and big on malt. The KellerPils is also new and tasty, sort of a tradtional Pilsner/IPA hybrid, which I haven’t seen anyone doing. But most recently, I had Mike Ford in from Grandpop’s Hops (Marysville, Ohio) with 20 lbs of his freshly picked Cascade hops. It was not only a lot of fun to brew this beer with him, but the aromas from this brew have really got me excited about how it will turn out. Keep on the look out for the Ohio Fresh Hop IPA being released at the Ohio Craft Beer Festival at the North Market Sept. 11th and 12th.

If someone isn’t into beer but wants to start, what kind of beer should they start with?
I would have to go close to home with this one and say our Marzen or any other good Oktoberfest-style beer. It is the epitome of a balanced beer. It has a nice malty sweetness upfront that is appealing and just enough bitterness to balance and finishes slightly dry making you crave another drink. It also goes great with almost any food dish. I find that most people who enjoy drinking beer in general, like the Marzen.

What is your favorite menu item (at GB) and beer pair?
The Coffee Stout paired with the Triple Chocolate Brownie is pretty hard to beat.

Grandview Digfest was a huge hit in Grandview Yard

Grandview Digfest is a huge celebration of local craft brewers, craft distilleries, Ohio wines and liquors and the downtown Columbus locals who love them! This year residents at Apartments at the Yard, could look down and enjoy the festivities from their patio balconies. It took place June 13 from 4-10:30pm.

Digfest started in 2011 so this year was their 5th year and it was a huge success story for the Grandview Area Chamber.  This year’s event had a record crowd, topping 5,000 people, an over 40% increase in ticket sales and more vendors than ever.

The main attraction of the event is definitely the Ohio craft beer. Strike that. The main reason that most people drive near downtown Columbus, to Grandview Yard to go to Grandview Digfest is because of the Ohio craft beer. In what was one of the strongest showacases of local craft beer anyone has ever seen, a variety of local Ohio breweries were on hand pouring what seemed like hundreds of different beers. Actually, with each brewery pouring an average of four different beers that works out to be nearly one hundred!

Zauber Brewing Company - Columbus, Ohio    Four String Brewing Company - Columbus, Ohio    Cellar Dweller Craft Beers - Madison, Ohio.    Trevor Williams from Hoof Hearted Brewing Sidepipin' at Digfest 2014.    Sideswipe Brewing - Columbus. Ohio


Some of the Columbus local favorites were Sideswipe Brewing who was pour their summer seasonal Pixelated Sun, a delightfully hoppy rendition of a warm-weather wheat beer, and Four String Brewing who was showing off their Solo Series #7 Saison. Speaking of saison-style craft beer, there is no doubt  that saison is the new style du jour in the craft beer world. Some other great additions were Hofbrauhaus Columbus, who still cling to the German Purity Laws and can only make their beers with 5 ingredients or less! Another crowd favorite was Zauber Brewing Company who also own a storefront in Grandview right on 5th Ave. They have a delightfully lite and tasty Hefeweizen called Vertigo that has a playful banana flavor partnered perfectly with the hoppy richness you’d expect.

Grandview Craft Beer Alliance Special Tapping Digfest 2014 cropped

Despite the rainy weather this event was a massive success. By far, the most popular (and not surprisingly) cask was the Columbus Brewing Company Bodhi imperial IPA infused with pineapple and habanero peppers. The line wound its way through the throngs of thirsty people eagerly awaiting their turn at the tap. If you attended, you were lucky enough to get my hands on a cup and it was mind-blowingly delicious. Slightly sweet with a spicy, warming kick in the finish.

Make sure you put this event on your calendar for next summer!

Arena District Block Party – Taste the District

Yelp and The Arena District are proud to partner with Boulevard Brewing to celebrate downtown Columbus’s favorite neighborhood to eat, drink, play, and stay – The Arena District. Come explore the neighborhood that is right in the heart-of-it all with this self-guided tour that has over a dozen stops filled with food, beer, cocktails, games, and entertainment — all for FREE with your RSVP.

Block Party Stops Include:

Battelle Plaza

  • Stop here first to Check In and get your wristband and Block Party Map!
  • Visit Experience Columbus, who will have refreshing treats and will allow you to win prizes playing putt putt golf!

Three-Legged Mare

  • Listen to live music with TJ Miller.
  • Enjoy Boulevard Brewing’s Tank 7 as well as a selection of appetizers.

Buca di Beppo

  • Play in Kingmakers’ pop-up board game parlour!
  • Enjoy Boulevard Brewing’s Unfiltered Wheat.
  • Nosh on Buca’s tasty snacks.

Gordon Biersch

  • Take a brewery tour to see how the magic happens!
  • Sample GB’s tasty brews.
  • Soak it all up with some delicious snacks.

R Bar Arena

  • Play games with R Bar! (details coming)
  • Enjoy Boulevard Brewing’s GL Radler.
  • Nosh on tasty snacks.

Boston’s Gourmet Pizza

  • Play sports trivia to win awesome gift card prizes!
  • Enjoy Boulevard Brewing’s Heavy Lifting.
  • Eat delicious snacks.

McFerson Commons

  • Near the arch, find a pop-up runway from Fashion Meets Music Festival (FMMF).
  • Take your official event photos with FMMF.
  • Play with FMMF for a chance to win tickets to the festival later this summer!
  • Jam to the tunes of DJ Donnie Mossman.
  • Visit car2go. (Details coming!)

Dick’s Last Resort

  • Announcing soon!

Studio Movie Grill

  • Watch previews for Magic Mike XXL!
  • Enjoy Boulevard Brewing’s Pop Up Session IPA
  • Eat tasty snacks.


  • Watch salsa dancers or take a lesson!
  • Enjoy Nadaritas
  • Get your noms on with all the tasty Nada snacks.

Big Bang Piano Bar

  • This is the official after-party!
  • No entrance fee if you show your wristband!

The Fast and Dirty Details

Thursday, June 25, 2015 from 6:00-9:00PM; after-party 9:00-until
Check in at Battelle Plaza, 375 N Front Street
Use #YelpBlockParty to find out all the buzz about the event!

The event is open to anyone with a Yelp account. If you have a friend who wants to get in on the festivities, have them sign up for their own account here:yelp.com/signup and RSVP on their own.

** ALL ATTENDEES MUST BE 21+! No exceptions.
** RSVP with your REAL name. Darth V is definitely a fun screen name… but unlikely to gain you entry to the event. We will be checking IDs against our guest list for all at the door.
** This is a private event so people will NOT be admitted if they are not on the list.

RSVP Here for this FREE EVENT

Building Apartments close to shopping and dining amenities

Location, location, location. This is the number one and two rules of any real estate, but it has become especially important among the population that seek to live in an apartment.

“I definitely think that the focus is location first for tenants,” said Brian Ellis, president of Nationwide Realty Investors, the developer of the Arena District and Grandview Yard, which combine residences, offices, entertainment facilities and restaurants into single neighborhoods. Nationwide Realty Investors own and manage Apartments at the Yard, Arena Crossing Apartments, Flats on Vine, Flats II and have plans for more apartments within these neighborhoods in the future.

Location is one of the first things a potential apartment dweller looks for when shopping apartments. With the wealth of prime locations in downtown Columbus, apartment dwellers would have lots of options and a myriad of local amenities to enjoy.

Whether someone is looking for access to the amazing nightlife that Columbus offers both on Park Street and in the Arena District, most of these apartments are within walking distance to over 22 different bars and restaurants. Save money on transportation as well by choosing an apartment that sits close enough for many people to walk or ride to work.

Not only is the nightlife something to look forward to, but the Arena District is home to a number of incredible sporting events that happen all year long. Enjoy being right next to Nationwide Arena to watch the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey games. Check out the Columbus Clippers at Huntington Park. Even the NCAA makes a few stops in downtown Columbus during March Madness each year.

Or even catch a couple of the incredible concerts that are lined up for this year that are just a walk away from one of these apartment communities! The Nationwide Arena, the LC Pavilion, A&R Music Bar, The Basement, and Big Bang Bar, you have so many music venues to choose from. You could see a show every night of the week.

“We see the neighborhood and the surrounding activities as the primary amenity,” Ellis added. “ That’s always been part of a long-range plan — to create a neighborhood that provides synergy with all the buildings, both residential and nonresidential. That’s working well, and, frankly, other developers have more recently discovered that. It’s become more and more prevalent.”

Make your Valentine’s Beautiful at Franklin Park Conservatory

Spend a romantic evening just a few miles east of downtown Columbus at the Franklin Park Conservatory.  This Valentine’s Day you and your date can delight yourselves by tasting exquisite wines and liqueurs paired with handcrafted chocolates by Michael’s Artisan Chocolates.

Living in downtown Columbus allows you to take advantage of the wonderful things to do at our many attractions. Take a romantic stroll through a display of exotic orchid blooms and forget the February chill as you visit six tasting stations throughout the Conservatory’s inviting plant collections.  Enjoy live music by the Ryan Craycroft Trio and dance performances and lessons by Inspiration to Movement.

Enjoy a special Valentine’s Day menu in the Garden Cafe. There will also be additional wine and chocolate tastings, and bottles of wine and liqueur are available for purchase. Additional tastings available for $4 each or 3 for $10.

$15 per person, includes three wine/liqueur and chocolate pairings.  Ages 21+ only. BUY TICKETS


Winter Beerfest brings in the New Year right

Join us as we celebrate great craft beer from down the street & around the country at the 5th Annual Columbus Winter Beerfest! Breweries and beer enthusiasts from across the region will gather on two Winter evenings for a sampling of fresh beers of all colors, styles, and tastes and a whole lotta fun! Over 225,000 square feet of Craft Beer Awesomeness in the Greater Columbus Convention Center!   Come join the fun!!

Breweries and beer enthusiasts from across the region will gather on two winter evenings for a sampling of more than 350 fresh beers of all colors, styles, and tastes. The 5th annual event will take place again at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, only a few blocks away from our Columbus Downtown Apartments. Advanced purchase tickets are now on sale and range from $40 to $75.

Partners Gordon Biersch, Columbus Alive, Leinenkugel and CD102.5 will be there passing out sweet swag and playing beer games all day.

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Are you a LittleEater? You should be

The North Market, located across the street from Arena Crossing Apartments on Vine St., is once again a full house. It (generally) doesn’t have too many openings and the last vacant spot was taken by LittleEater, a pop-up restaurant that has seen the inside of the Hills Market. Run by Chef Cara Mangini, LittleEater is set to open in January. The shop will have salads, sandwiches, soups, quiches and more. “I have dreamed of opening Little Eater at North Market for a long time. It’s a great honor to have this opportunity to serve downtown Columbus and its visitors, and to be in the mix with so many talented merchants and food artisans,” says Mangini in a release. This new location will be very convenient for all downtown Columbus apartment dwellers!

LittleEater, is the acclaimed foodie heaven, featuring produce-inspired and locally-sourced dishes. The menu is fun and flexible—designed to give you a little bit of this and a little bite of that.  You can mix and match scoops like local cherry tomatoes and sweet corn with quinoa and basil vinaigrette, mixed melons and pickled onions with chile and mint, and beet and farro salad. You will also find a special crostini, frittata and sandwich on the menu each week. The produce is delivered directly from the local farmers who grew it. They prep it, slice it, cook it, dress it and plate it, often within 24 hours of harvest. That has us pretty excited (and hungry).

Read more about LittleEater